Be Kind…Rewind

“What the hell did you just do!” Julia’s angry voice squawked from the DVD player. “Let me out this instant or—”

I hit “Pause” and she froze in midsentence. I’d need to make some preparations. Fortunately, with Julia paused I would have all the time I’d need. I jotted down a shopping list and headed downtown.

A few hours later, I spent some time setting calendars back several months and shut the kitten in the bedroom so Julia wouldn’t see her.

Then I picked up the remote. After some experimentation, I found that pressing the Alt Angle button would let me switch between Julia’s surroundings and what she was seeing. Using the on-screen display, I rewound Julia back to the day of her birthday, to when she had come home and walked through the living room.

Then I held my breath and hit eject at just the right point. Julia appeared in front of the DVD player in mid-stride, as if nothing had happened. “Welcome home, hon!” I said. “Close your eyes and come into the kitchen—I’ve got a surprise for you!”

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