Dial Tone (9-1-1)

He frantically picked up the phone, but even when he pressed at the illuminated blue numbers on the key pad (9-1-1), he was left with nothing but a dial tone.

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

It screeched menacingly up at him from the ear piece. He jammed the phone back into its cradle, picked it up again, tears streaming down his dirty face. He knew, outside in the dark, it’d be coming.

Had the others made it back?

Frustrated, he picked up the phone again and desperatly tried dialing (9-1-1). He was met with the drone of a dial tone (beepbeepbeepbeep) and then silence. Crying out in deparation, he was about to slam the phone down again when the line went silent.

Then a cold, detached voice on the other end of the line began to speak. “It’s useless. They are already gone, your companions, all of them. And you will be next. Don-”

But he had ripped the cord out of the wall and dropped the phone on the floor. And even as he walked away, he could hear voice still coming through the reciever.

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