Calm as the Ocean

The little girl,being who she was,sat on the beach.She had already had her fun,and now she sat on the blanket,staring out at the endless blue.She’d never seen anything so big.It seemed to her the ocean and her had played a game.The oceans would send waves crashing in,and she would jump away from the water.

Her mother didn’t think so though.She kept telling her to get closer and closer to shore.She looked at the water as if her stare could expose it to be poison.

“June, get closer to shore!”

But June had her eyes on something ythat was floating in the water.She went into the water upto her knees,and grasped the glass bottle,wrapping her tiny hands around it.It was her treasure now,the ocean had given her a gift,a gift she would keep forever.She was picked up by her mother,and put on the blanket.She got wrapped in a towel,and given a talking to.

“June, you know what I told you! Get out from there! Don’t do this, you know what I told you! You can’t swim!”

June looked at her glass bottle,silent.

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