“Listen closely, son. Can you hear her? Dont open your eyes. Shes too perfect for us to look at. Dont open your eyes. Just listen.”
My father and I sat there. Crouching low in the mist. Our eyes pressed closed, our eyes searching for a sound. It was well past my bedtime but he said this was important for me to experiance. Everyone thinks he is crazy. Including me.
I sighed and blindly played with my shoe laces. Then I heard a slight hum. At first I thought it was a distant car but then maybe birds flying. I dont know. Beautiful glorious song rang through my ears. I never understood what she was singing. Some language I will never know. Its too perfect for us to understand. Then I did somthing rather stupid. I opened my eyes. It was no longer night. She was dancing on graves. Well not actually her feet hovered just a inch above the ground. Her feet were too perfect to ever touch the earth. Her eyes met mine, at that moment I went insane. “I told you not to look, son. I told you not to look.”

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