The Beginning

Ready to rock…bring the house down, she thought. It was the last one Zierra had before strumming the famed guitar.

This was it, no more Ronda Girls. Sheila and Jayzz already had their next venture lined up. The funny thing was no one discussed it with Zierra. It was announced like usual,

“Z! Girl! He asked me to marry him! Aaaagh! You so have to be one of my bridesmaids…!”

“Look Z. I landed this great job oversees. It pays kid…better than bein a wannabe rock star, you know? Wanna come?”

Wow! Nice after thoughts. Whatever.

NO she didn’t want be another bridesmaid and NO she didn’t want to go to…where was she going anyway…?

“I gotta do this chicks. You owe me, the band, Ronda. You can’t walk away like she wasn’t one of us. Let’s do this!”

So yeah, this was it. The last hurrah. It had been and was all Zierra’s idea in the first place. The lyrics, the sound, the fashion, the band, and now this.

Ronda would have been so psyched.

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