Popular 2

I can’t tell how many times people asked my name, people I have been in classes with since kindergarten. And this girl, my roommate was telling me that she could make me popular: First of all why was she, the most popular girl on campus even talking to me. It would be considered horrid if someone found out but maybe she did have a heart, unlike the predictions of the less popular students. Maybe she was serious. I looked at her, returning her deep stare.

“You can?â€? I wiped the tear form my cheek. “But how, I’m so far form popular that it’s not even possible for me to become popular. Your taking about doing something that is the equivalent of building a tower to the heavens or a chute to hell, so why are you offering to do this? Why?â€? Before she replied she lowered her eyes to the floor and I copied her, looking down at my brown converse and then down at her pretty coach flats. We came from different worlds.

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