Popular 3

Yet her she was, offering to be my friend, let alone make me popular. “Iâ€? She replied, “want to see you shine. In my tender heart it swells when I see you. I can see you’re potential. Yea, you have potential. I see it. Your can be great if only someone would reach out and give you the right tools and answer your questions. Dear, I know that one day you will be great. Darling, you will be great.â€? She looked straight at me as if in some way she knew what would happen to me in the future. She knew; but I didn’t. I didn’t believe but I put on a players smile and went along with what she was promising me.

“Really? Me, popular? You can do that?â€? She blinked and laughed. “Of course, but you’ll have to do some of the work too.â€? She chuckled and went rummaging through one of her bags. I watched her carefully. Turning back to me she produced a variety of facial and hair products. I was scared.

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