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“Let’s get started shall we?â€? Ushering me into the bathroom she closed, and locked, the door. Now, Dri the first thing is your name. She took a seat on the chair in our expansive bathroom. One thing daddy’s credit card was good for. I took a seat on the other chair.

“What about my name?â€? I blink. “Everyone calls me Dri or Anna. It’s fine.â€? Again Melody blinked. “No, no Dri or Anna is the name of a common teenage, and you are not aiming to be just another teenager. Melodious sounds like I was named after a cheesy love song. Which I was, buts that’s beside the point. Hence why I hate my parents. Melody or Mer those are the only names that are pretty when it comes to me. Adrianna, you’re lucky because your name is so pretty as is but if you want a nickname you have many choices. Let’s see…â€? She lifted her head towards the ceiling in thought.

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