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“Their’sâ€? She began, again returning her eyes to me. “Ana, commoner. Adrianna is the name of one of the nobles. Royalty. See my full first name is Melodious but Melody sounds Driana, Ami. But I really like Adrianna. It’s perfect. Well now that we have your name covered let’s move onto your face and hair. She put her bag of accessories onto her lap. Now there are some simple things that we can worry about later. But first we have to start advanced. If you want to be popular you have to be pretty. Rule one. And you are tomboy-casual my darling. Thankfully you’re so beautiful.” Melody with drew a bunch of jars and what looked like miniature paint brushes and began aligning them on the counter in a lovely little array. She picked up a delicate vile and a larger brush. Turning to me she scooted up until she was close enough for me to smell her perfume. She whispered. “This is foundation. The nectar of the gods. Always your first step.”

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