Dream of Death

I had a dream last night
It was peaceful in an erie way.
I was sitting in an sea of black lace and tears.
It was a funeral and I was in the front row.
There were faces all around me
Sullen and blank.
I recognized them but I did not know them.
A woman, she must have been my mother, sobbed.
Like a ghost, no one saw me
As I rose from the pew.
And they shivered as they mumbled a faint prayer.
I knew it was to quiet to ever reach God.
But my ears perceived them as loud as a scream.
I drifted over to an open casket
I knew who I would see.
It may have been my fathers body lying there
But my soul had perished along with him.
I bend down to touch his face one more time
And right as my finger graze his clammy cheek.
I feel as if I was yanked by a rope
And I watch as the casket and the people
Glide away.
I try to scream
But I jolt awake.

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