Life and Death

Learning to breath again
Hoping to live again
We All make mistakes
Like blood on a razor Blade
Dripping to the floor
We materialize our pain
Staining your memory

We all need a second chance
To think twice about tying that rope around your neck
And taking that jump outside your window
Half way down you wish you could rewind again

Lets rewind again
Repeat our pain over and over again
Like a bullet to the brain
Burrowing into your skull
Until you collapse because of pain
Lets rewind and Pause

Think twice about the life and the loves
You are leaving behind
Think of the unknown behind those beckoning curtains
Billowing with the wind
Seducing your memory
Hoping to fix the past

Put those pills away
You really dont want to fall asleep today
And never wake up again
Soiling your memory

You dont want to feel the kiss of death right now
It’ll come without your help
Learning to breath again
Wishing you could live again

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