Unusual State of Grace

When I awoke, the sun was burning overhead and I was sprawled in an awkward position, the side of my face pressed into the sand. The sound of the ocean was loud and I guessed that I was close to water. With a bit of effort, I managed to get to my feet and take a short glance around to see where the hell I was. Not to far away lay Abigail Gates.
Limping towards her, I struggled to see if she was hurt, blinded by the pain in my body. My knees gave way and I collapsed about a foot away only to reach out and feel her pulse on her wrist. A steady heartbeat replied to my touch and I realized that while she was unconscious, Abigail came out of the accident unharmed. However, the word “accidentâ€? didn’t seem to adequately describe what just happened to us. My next instinct was to find other survivors such as her sister, Jackie and their friend, Thomas. Along with them, my partner, Justin, was no where in sight, either. Panic threatened to set in, but I knew that I had to bring Abigail out of her comatose state.

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