Sleepless in the Suburbs

I’m lying in bed, listening to the new Killers cd. It’s at least 95 degrees outside, so my window is open to try and entice a breeze into my room. A car drives past outside, music blasting, momentarily drowning out the crickets that have kept me up once again, along with other things. I sit up in bed and stare at the clock.

The neon green numbers show that it’s almost two o’clock.I let out a sigh and restart my CD for the third time. I let the music wrap around me like a ribbon, twisting, lifting, entwining. My thoughts are quieted as I turn up the sound. I let the music wash away the weight off the week. I have so many thoughts, but just for now, those things are pushed to the furthest crevices of my mind, allowing for a moment of peace.

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