A Cat's mind and a Serpent's Tongue - Part 2

In all reality, he would be devastated if he lost her. Seline was his life. “Henry, get your but down here!” The voice of an elderly woman filled the room. The boy named Henry let out a sigh. He swung his feet onto the floor. He ran his fingers through his chocolate brown hair. He looked at the cat next to him. He could see age is plaguing his companion. Streaks of silver and white hair could be seen on her face and back. Seline licked at her paw.
“I’ll see you in a bit, my old friend.” He stood up, and walked out the room. A short and stout woman stood at the bottom of the stairs. Her foot rapping on the wooden planks. Her hands were on her hips.
“What took you?” Her tone was stern. She glared at the boy, waiting for his half-ass explanation.
“I had a strange dream, mother.” Henry rolled his eyes. “Some mental woman was throwing crap into a bonfire.” He picked up a bucket to do his morning chores, before his mother blows the roof off the house.

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