A Darker Shade of Black

The sky was a deep shade of crimson. Like the blood that was soaked in the hair of the lifeless body in Andre’s arms. The person in his arms was a woman. She had a pretty face, but it was scathed with lines of red. The usual blush that stained her cheeks were pale. The natural red of her lips was also stolen by death. Tear drops ran down his face, and dropped of his face onto hers.
Scarlett’s emerald eyes had closed forever. He wanted to sob more, but he was so exhausted from his battle. His body started to shake in cold.
The sun had escaped hours ago and he was holding in his arms the cold, dead body of his wife. He was always so protective over her. Not letting an ounce of harm near her. She was his only tie to the world, and now she was gone forever.
Now he would have to live out the rest of his life with this immense guilt on his shoulders of his wife.
She was the only person he ever loved. The only person he truly gave a damn about.
So he laid himself beside her, on the earth and prayed for death.

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