Sheila's Surprise--A Cop!

They all jumped with a start when they heard Sheila’s gate creak.

“Ya know, I’ve really been meaning to oil that thing,” Sheila squeaked.

“Hush, Sheila,” said Tipsy. “That’s right—hush!”

“But it’s true,” insisted Sheila with evident determination. “Really! I was thinking about it just today when I was doing my special stretches before my roller-skating practice session. I’m not kidding!”

A uniformed police officer stepped into the light and spoke. “Which one of you ladies is Sheila Cummings?”

“What an unusual question,” Sheila thought to herself, barely suppressing a tiny giggle.

“I-I am Sheila Cummings,” said Tipsy, stepping forward and giving the real Sheila a broad wink. “What can I do for ya?”

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