Spooks pt.1

Laughing, the soldiers talked away the long nothingness of the watch that lasted long into the night. Unaware they were being watched, they continued on with their boasts of the brave feats they would accomplish when they finally met the “spooks” that the vets talked about endlessly. The dark figure glided through the night like a wraith, drifting from bush to bush with unnatural silence. It drew nearer to the thin circle of light provided by the soldiers shoddy lantern, pausing only when one of the soldiers turned to spit on the ground beside him. As the creature drew close to the tent, it paused and observed the lantern, the source of the light that pained its sensitive eyes. Mustering up its willpower, the creature sent one muscular appendage streaking towards the light. The lantern fell to the ground with a crash as the sound was echoed by cries of surprise from the seated soldiers. Arms appeared seemingly out of nowhere as the creature quickly and gruesomely dismembered the seated soldiers one by one.

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