Spooks pt2

Eyes glowing eerily, the creature looked out over the distant plains that surrounded the quaint old village, watching as the lights of the other sentry posts were snuffed out as quickly as if they were birthday candles on a childs cake. Turning, it continued on towards the center of the village, running through the streets as quickly and quietly as a shadow. As it crossed a deserted ally, the creature froze, watching silently as a man stepped out of a building and quickly ducked around the corner and headed away. Taking a running start, the creature vaulted onto a nearby rooftop, slinking silently by a sleeping drunk. Turning its oddly shaped head, the creature’s glowing eyes quickly located the fleeing man, and it set off, quicky closing the distance. The man made a sudden turn, heading for the center square, unaware that he was being followed. The creature looked forward and observed more people, probably drunks or criminals, lounging around in the center square. It knew that it was now or never.

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