The Taco Salad They Never Forgot

The three girls had gotten together to make a taco salad, “the most incredible taco salad ever,” they said. One of them, Sheila, had even contacted officials of the state fair to ask if there isn’t a competition for Best Taco Salad. There isn’t, but still it shows you that even then Sheila had ideas.

Maybe that’s why what happened with the taco salad seemed so sad to all three, Tipsy thought that night, while the three gathered in Sheila’s backyard for a smoke.

“Whaaaat?” laughed Sheila when Tipsy shared her thought. “Me, Sheila, bummed out over a lousy taco salad? I can’t let something like that slow me down!”

Then she tried to seem happy. Tipsy and the other one giggled along with Sheila, but underneath, Tipsy thought maybe it seemed like Sheila was kind of sad, even if she was happy too.

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