Waking up.

It’s cold.

Cold and wet.

Lots of noise everwhere. He tries to open his eyes. Only the right one opens fully. Pushing himself up, he gazes out through his one bloodshot eye. He is in a ditch.
The darkness is overwhelming. It covers everything like it’s trying to choke the life out of the world.
The only noise is a gurgling, rushing sound. Somebody of water, he thinks. It doesn’t occur to him that he his in the middle of no where.
He attempts to stand. His legs buckle beneath him. He collapses in a heap of aggony with a bestial howl. Feeling his legs, he finds bones are sticking out of his calf on the left leg. His jeans are soaking wet. Probably earth mixed with blood.
“Where am I” he asks aloud as the darkness mocks him.

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