A Savior

Grabbing hold of clumps of grass, he pulls himself out of the ditch. After a while the lush grass is replaced by gravel and pavement. At least I found a road, he thinks with grim resolve. Suddenly his ears pick up a faint sound in the diastance, appart from the water. Rumbling in the distance. Two shafts of light pierce the darkness. The rumbling gets closer. The right upon him. The vehicle stops and bathes his broken form in light. A door opens. He rolls onto his side and stares up at the imposing grill.
“Damn son, someone sure worked you over good, didn’t they? What’s your name?” The man asks
“I don’t remember…” He says
“Don’t you have any I.D.?”
“Umm..” Looking down at his shirt he spies a name tag. “Jeremy, I guess.”
“Well Jeremy, I’m Chuck. Pleased to meetcha. Now let’s get you some help.”
I’ve got bones coming out of my leg and this guy ist’n phased at all. What the hell is wrong with him, Jeremy thinks.

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