A long Day

It had been a very long day. It wasn’t that the day itself was long in the sci-fi sense. Like it actually had twenty-eight hours or anything but more that it just dragged on and on. It had been a normal day and maybe that’s why it was so bad. Well you should probably get some more background before I try to explain it all to you. First off my name is James Capilano. I live in Montana. I work as a music technition. I know big words. What I do is I run a recording studio. Well no customers in that department today which is just fine. I get the same people every weekend. Well I also run an occult bookstore. Tarot, Numerology, Wicca the whole nine yards. Well no customers there either. No biggie. I have enough to live on. So the weird thing is that today was my birthday and not a word. It’s not like I’m a hermit or anything even though I live about five miles out of town and I am the only gay guy within a hundred miles. But I didn’t hear a word from anyone, family, friend or associate. It was boring and strange.

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