Just the Begining?

When I got home I didn’t find a note or anything. That was weird. I went to the kitchen and made myself dinner. My usual. Ceasar salad. I finished it and put the dishes in the sink. Sat down at the TV and turned it on to Comedy Central. I Grabbed my laptop and logged onto MSN . It’s strange for a (now) 26 year old to have AIM and MSN but whatever. I have to get some now and then. Nothing new. Checked my e-mail. Usual spam. Nothing. I was starting to get creeped out now. Did I fall off the face of the Earth or something? I looked at my online friends from MSN and saw an old friend of mine was online. Marc. He wasn’t shy about experementing and was a fun guy to be with. I messaged him no response in five minutes. Sent off another and nothing. Maybe I did fall of the face of the Earth. I got up and went to my bedroom. Maybe all this weirdness would be gone in the morning. I didn’t bother to think that maybe this weirdness was just the begining of a whole new life of weirdnesses that would just be getting worse.

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