Bogart of Life

I knew I should run away as fast as I could. He just wouldn’t leave me alone. When the cupid looking security guard told me that he had someone he wanted me to meet I was speechless when I learned it was the one that I never wanted to talk to. Everything I had imagined about him I found to be so wrong as he spoke in his foreign tongue. He was from a third world country that was why he was rail thin, he ate borscht and cabbage all his life. When I first saw him, before we met I just knew he had to have full blown aids to be that skinny. Then, when I found he had high class sophistication in his dress and even in his circle of friends well, he swept me off my feet. Still, I learned that I should always stick with my first intuition about a person because he was a taker and never did he give. If I feel this way about someone again I pray I find strength to RUN . He is gone but it was a hard lesson learned.

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