Back to the Sea

Reaching for the setting sun, Anelia wrought the golden rays cast by the divine heavens and placed them gently upon her unadorned ears. The evening radiance was hers, and while the seas tumbled and twirled off in the distance, she remained calm and tranquil, staring serenely at the looming chateau, a little piece of human marvel tucked quietly away from the hustle and bustle of inner-city turmoil. She ran her fingers over the ripples of golden hued water, saturated with ethereal light. Above the sun-stained clouds celestial bodies danced and the evening was welcomed with the hum of gentle solitude. There was nobody out tonight to disturb her for they were gathered all inside, making merry and enjoying the company each had to offer. Her lips took a downward turn as she thought about this. How long had she waited to be with them? To feel their love, to see their faces without having to hide behind some mask or figure? She fell back into the sea, lost in the rumble of the ocean, in the depths of her thoughts.

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