Maybe if I didnt write at night or in a creepy setting all the time, my stories would be happier. This thought occurs to me as I’m sitting here in my old dusty library, very creepy. The clock reads 2:24, very late. But this story won’t be like my other ones. This wont be a reflection of my miserable life. Here I go.

Kayla is 15 and her life couldnt be better. She has lots of friends and suceeds in all she does. Her father is alive and will never be forced to face any serious deseises. Her mother is at the top of her career and would never fall in love with another man besides Ken. Truth be told the whole family is very happy. Kayla’s brother Paul is very much alive and thriving. Dan, her other Brother is enjoying life at college NOT in the army. Her sister Tara, is pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. Everyone is happy and together. Her aunt isnt insane. All of her grandparents are still together and enjoying retirement very much. Happyness. Pure happyness.

Oh well. I tried my best.

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