Heart Shaped Cloud

One time you sent me a picture in the sky of a big beautiful heart shaped cloud 40 feet off the ground. You painted the sky right before my face in the huge picture window. Then you sent me tons of these love bugs. I knew that you were talking to me. I messed up back then, I couldn’t bare to see my mistakes being lived out in front of me. When I saw the pain that my decisions caused you know that it was too much for me to bare. I am sorry that I can only tolerate my mistakes, and not another making the same poor choices. It was hard enough to live with my own sins, but it was too much for me to have to live with him doing the same thing. That is the most selfish thing that I realized I have ever noticed. Funny how when we see others do as we do, it all becomes much clearer than. Now, you sent me two more love bugs. At least I got two and this time they are still alive.

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