And Don't Ever Forget It

Don’t ever step on me again. Though you see me sometimes in a very lowly state, I would watch where I step if I were you. I have been your stepping stone for far too long. Not that I had any choice in the matter. We all need door mats but I don’t want to be yours anymore. The good thing is that I am not. I am not your door mat anymore nor will I ever be again. The very good thing is that now you will have to answer for stepping on me. And the one you answer to is kind of angry with you about it. I am so glad about it. Don’t forget it either, Don’t ever forget that someone higher is always looking on. It matters not your rank or position, there is always a higher official watching you. And still a higher watching you both. I am totally covered and you are totally found out. And Don’t ever forget it.

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