Rewind: The Letter

Seconds, minutes and moments all began to move in reverse as if the divine creator had pushed the ‘replay’ button on an old cassette player. Cold rain collected itself and returned to the ominous clouds that had disperesed it. The officers retraced their steps and soon found themselves within their squad car peeling away in haste as fast as they had been to arrive. The boy’s body began to shake with the bitter convulsions of the death song, yet it was now filling with life once more. The tragic scene took place once more the car hitting the boy yet this time the car drove off in reverse, and the boy was still walking albiet backwards. His steps taking him in reverse towards his home rethinking the thoughts of love that he had want to form into sentences and tell his girlfriend.
Time stood once again stood still. The girl was several miles away. She drove wildly through the street, several empty beer bottles, sat within the seat next to her. “I hate him, I hate him,” she said it from behind grinding teeth.

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