Breaking Hearts

I drew a painful breath with every thought I wrote. My hands stirred free of my will, deep emotions caused me to shiver, the moment was to much for my soul to bare, but it had to be done.
“We shall always be together, love…”
Those were the last words I wrote before a tear escaped my being and fell upon the letter. I had to be stronger than this. I had to be strong for both her and myself I knew this before I walked into the room and knew this the time I realized I would have to leave her. I finished off the letter and pulled the written page from the journal. The ripping sound of paper being torn from the binder of a journal only enchanced my imagination as I could see my heart break within pieces.
She now stood by the window looking out at the earth below. In her hand was the flower, torn and mutilated beyond any form of recognition. Her face sparkled with the rivulets of tears that were strung upon her fair face. “If you leave me I will die” She spoke softly dodging sobs. My heart stopped. “What?”

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