Just Like Them

Why did they send me back here? To this remorseful, lonely castle. All alone with the vast pale sky. All alone with the mirror-like lake. All alone with the crumbling, mossy walls.

Kira had been sent back again. To the old private school she used to live at as a little girl. The school where parents sent their children to get them out of their way, standing, very abused and beated, on a low island in the very edges of Ireland.

Why didn’t they want me? Didn’t they care about me at all? They knew I despised this place but they sent me back anyway. To be with the bloody nuns again! The nuns that won’t talk to me, or listen to me. The completely silent nuns. And the rest of the kids. The kids that have always been here, and will always be here. They’ve lost all emotion…

Panic rose in Kira’s chest; she could hear her heart beating wildly. Tears slipped down her pale cheeks, silent as shadows.

Soon I’ll be just like them.

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