Wedding Flowers

The wedding plans were almost complete. All that was left was the flower arrangments. He had said that wanted me to have a boquet of my favorite flowers at the ceremony, so that is what I was insisting on. I hadn’t realized that a simple flower arrangement would be such a big deal.
“Are you sure that you dont want some nice roses instead?” The florist held up a long stemmed red rose.
As usuall, my mother butt in. “I’ve been trying to convince her to-”
“I’m quite sure.” I interjected before my mother could finish her sentence.
“But they’re weeds, honey” My mother always had to state her opinion about everything. “You can’t have them in your boquet!”
“Its just that dandelions really arent wedding flowers,” said the florist.
By this point a crowd was starting to form, people wondering why we were arguing, why anyone would want a weed in their wedding bouquet.
You would think that she would stop trying to change my mind and just sell me the damn flowers.

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