Where to go. What to do.

Stress comes from many things.

This is the statement that Winnie thinks of while she catches herself grinding her teeth again. She sits trying to recall the last time and place where she was not feeling stressed about something. The only memory she can recall is from before she lost her imagination.

She always wondered if everyone could recall when they lost their imagination. She recalls that day vividly. She was riding around her neighborhood on her bike with the other neighborhood kids. They were pretending a tornado was chasing them down the road and they had to ride away from it as fast as possible. She remembers at that moment she realized she had lost her imagination. She just couldn’t imagine the tornado chasing her.

As she sits realizing she is grinding her teeth she tries hard to stop and it only makes the grinding worse. She thinks to herself there must be another way.

At that moment everyone around her disappears and she is left at her desk completely and silently alone.

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