An Awakening of Power

It had been asleep for centuries, lulled into complacency and defeat by prisons of glass. The absence of human touch had robbed it of an outlet, allowing the power to simmer as it waited for freedom. Freedom that seemed growingly impossible as the mortal years ticked by. It had been damned to look out on the sea of faces, but never again to know a master’s call.

Then one day the glass was broken, and it nearly shuddered as it felt grasping fingers close around it. Sending out a tendril of power, it skated over and through the feeble mind. A thief easily controlled through the fear of capture. It tightened its hold and wherever the man had originally meant to go was lost, overwhelmed by a sudden inexplicable urge to get to the sea, to release his prize to the vast.

Growing excited, it spared another tendril to reach out farther across the water and land until it found its mark. Surprisingly close, a mind to match the power that it could offer.


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