Even flashing lights and sirens couldn’t slow Damien down, as he sped hap hazardly through the residential neighborhood.

“If You don’t pull over, I’m going to kill you!” Andrew yelled.

“NO WAY , MAN! I don’t want a ticket!”

“Who says you’re going to get a ticket? They’ll probably throw you in jail!”

“Well, there’s another good reason not to pull over!” he screamed

Andrew turned off the radio. “If you didn’t have the music on so loud, we wouldn’t have to scream. Now pull over, before it looks like we’re trying to escape.”

“But we are trying to escape!” Damien argued.

“Just pull the god damned car over!” Andrew yelled, and Damien finally complied.

They waited for the first car to pull up behind them, but it rushed right by, leading three more cars.

“Holy shit, they weren’t after us at all!”

“Think again.” Andrew pointed behind them, at a slower moving black and white that had pulled up right behind them.

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