Springs of the Heart

My daughter, why do you cry tears of sorrow?
You ponder of the spring I missed of the morrow.
Yet, what spring did I ever truly regret to miss?
When it was you whom entertained me with this bliss.
Forever you shall be my spring, my daughter

When the lord blessed me with your presance
I was once more acquainted with my youthful essence.
In your eyes I saw my dreams, not aged nor in sorrow
How I wished I could have had more time to borrow
Forever I wanted to be with you, my daughter

We danced within the rain, and laughed in the dark
Remember that memory of our trip to your first park?
Although we might have had some arguements to rest
Other than for your mother you argued the best.
Forever I shall miss our days in dream, my daughter

Today you stand within the world, without me,
Yet, cry no tears for me for one day you shall see.
That I will always be there with you, never apart.
For I shall always be within spring within your heart.
Forever I shall love you my princess, my daughter

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