the right words


They are the very essence of every language.

And yet, why is it that some things are indescribable? The dictionary is full of definitions and words that describe everything imaginable. And yet for some reason, I lack the right words. There are none that are good enough.

I am standing in the middle of the ocean, being far enough in to watch the angry waves crash in front of me. Behind me the water is peacefully strolling along. I turn around to see him running in the ocean towards me. He is laughing.

The sun was setting behind him. Is it brilliant? No. Vibrant? Still not good enough. There is no word to describe such a scene. Nothing to help me remember this moment forever. Not even a picture would have been good enough.

It was pink and orange, the sunset. His hair is brown and he is laughing.
He likes me, you know.

And I am happy.

For now, those words will have to do.

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