Hal’s was packed by the time they got there. Rather than stay with his brother, Damien shot straight to the bar.

Andrew walked around for a few minutes, surveying the crowd, trying to find FunEgal.

“Any Luck?” a voice behind him asked. Startled, Andrew turned around to find Damien standing behind him, holding two beers. He grabbed one of them and took a swig.

“None. I really should have asked her what she looked like.”

“Dude, you want to bail.” Damien said.

“We just got here. There’s no need to leave so quickly.”

“No, seriously, you’re in trouble if we don’t get out of here As Soon as possible.” Damien pointed accross the room, to an attractive sandy blonde haired girl who was sitting alone at a table.

“Katie!” Andrew yelped.

“Dude, if your girlfriend sees you hear, she is gonne cut off your balls.”

“I know!” Andrew squeaked. “What do I do?”

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