“Quick! Hide!” Damien said, throwing his coat over Andrew’s head. He tried to walk towards the door, but only managed to crash into a waitress. Damien pulled the jacket off his head. “Ok, bad idea. Let’s just walk, slowly, towards the door. The brothers began making their way towards the exit, backwards.

“What are you guys doing?” a voice from behind asked.

They both jumped before turning around.

“Katie!” Andrew said. “Hi.” He hugged her. “I didn’t know you would be here tonight.”

“Well, I was supposed to be picking something up, but It’s been over an hour, and the person I was supposed to meet still hasn’t shown up. Why are you here?”

“We- I… what were you gonna pick up?” Andrew asked.

“It was gonna be a surprise.” She said, smiling.

“Wait a minute… you’re not.. You couldn’t be… Katie, are you FunEgal?”

Katie gave Damien a confused look. “How did you know that?”

“Who cares?” Andrew said, placing his arm around her waist. “Let me buy you a beer.”


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