At the airport

Loneliness struck, a loud, clear bell which echoed throughout his being. Every iota present reverberated with it and he felt lost in the confusion of his mind, body, and spirit. He sat down on one of those black leather seats, probably the hundredth to do so today. His eyes gazed off into the terminals around him. So much commotion, so much noise. This was probably one of the busiest places he had ever been to and yet he felt alone. Isolated, stranded, on an icy glacier he resided, and the rest of the world, below, to enjoy whatever comfort he couldn’t afford.

People moved around him, surrounding him in an intricate dance he was not and never will be a part of. Thousands of people, people that could change his life, that could be what he needed most, booked and ready to fly off to whatever destination they may choose. He felt as if, with every flight departed, his little chance of change and happiness did as well.

This was life.

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