Fritz and Zooey: Business Oppourtunity

“Well,” Zooey prodded, “what did you do?”

“Let’s just say, we are now the proud owners of a coffee shop that has been abandoned for some time…” Fritz took a breath before looking up from the floor to meet Zooey’s gaze.


“I can’t do it by myself, plus this has been our dream since we became flatmates,” Fritz defended.

“That place must be boss,” Zooey said enthusiastically.

“That’s what I thought,” Fritz said cheerfully, “Everything was left in it, its a real mess but I’m sure we could have some fun with it.”

“Where is it?” Zooey asked excitedly. “Oh, I could really use a ciggarette, let’s go buy some coffee and celebrate, we can talk as we walk.” She jumped up towards the door, her messy dark hair trailing behind her. Fritz controlled himself from breaking into a smile.

“Shouldn’t you put on some clothes first?”

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