I'm Afraid

He sits next to me in the blan, white room. He softly squeezes my hand. He dosent read or take a nap. He just sits there holding my hand. A nurse dressed in pink and blue enters in the room. “Kiera Konikeis?” They always get it wrong. “Kyarra Konakis.” Drew corrects her even before I can open my mouth.I love him. A squeeze on the hand. I follow the nurse down a plain hall. I pear into rooms as I go. White rooms. I stop at one, a mother holds her daughter’s hand. They must be waiting for the doctor. I hope shes okay. We come to a room with an open door. “The doctor will be with you soon.” I slide up onto the cold examining table. So cold, so white. I dont mind. I think about Drew and Will. Will dosent know about Drew and I. Its alright. Drew and I arent a couple or anything. We just are. We make love, we watch movies, we talk. We are. I got so lost in my own thoughts I didnt hear the door open. “Hello there. I’m Dr. Hein.” I look up. I cant breath. The monsters found me. I’m afraid. Help.

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