too close

All I really wanted was to pass math. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually a great student but my grade had begun to slip when I was seated behind Sandy Dossal. Her perfume was overwhelmingly strong and mystifying so I had taken to either staring out the window or at the long, luscious curls that danced down her back.
I hadn’t expected her to talk to me ever, and she didn’t. Well, not exactly. Let me tell you first of what had happened that cursed Thursday. I was sitting in math, planning out Sandy’s and my first date. I ran out of ideas so I carefully balanced my head on my hands, which were already lying on my desk. This, I had figured out, was a way to lean forward and smell Sandy’s perfume without looking suspicious.“Ugh, I hate it when he does that.â€? I couldn’t believe that Sandy, only the hottest girl on the planet, had decided to talk to me. “What?â€? I asked, completely dazed by the girl in front of me.

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