It has a pulse. You cant ingnore it. You have to obey it. Dance, dance, dance, dance. It calls to you. The pill under your tounge seems to dance too. You cant see. Its alright you just need to hear and feel. Live, live, live, live. It calls to me. Sparks fly across my skin. It dosent burn, it feels sweet. I am alive. A man dances his way over to me. I feel his hand wrap around my waist, his lips press against mine. Our lips open his tounge is alive in my mouth. It passes me another capsule. He leaves. Soon i feel much more aware of my surrounding. I stop dancing. Another pulse sounds through the room. Kill, kill, kill, kill. My eyes burst open. I can see. I can see everything. My body feels strong. All my bones in my body are cracking. My spine arches. my hands extended and my nails grow more like claws. I can hear my jaw cracking. I am in so much pain. I like it. I turn toward a beautiful youth convulsing close to me. I embrace him in my arms. My hands wrap around his head. I pull him in close. Crack.

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