My Seat

Sunshine flooded in the room when I marched into Geometry that morning. It contrasted the foul mood I was in. I was having a bad morning. Without paying attention, I headed straight for my usual seat in the back corner of the room. I stopped. There was a boy sitting there. Today was so not the day for this.
“Move.” I commanded.
“Im sorry, are there assigned seats in this class?” he asked.
“Go.” I gave him my dirtiest look.
“But if there aren’t assigned seats, and I got here before you, why should I have to leave?” The jerk was smiling at me.
There was only one seat left, in the front. My teeth were grinding together. “I dont like to sit in the front.”
“Well neither do I.”
Frustrated, I stormed to the front of the room and sat down next to Erica, a snobby, far to perky cheer leader. Things were getting worse. I pulled out my ruler and began to work. In the back of the class I could hear the guy laughing, talking about extra tickets to a show. I bet he’ll bring Erica. Not that I would ever want to go.

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