Starting Over Pt.1

She took one last look in the rearview mirror before putting her car in drive and speeding away. A single tear flowed out of the corner of her eye which she let slid down her cheek and onto her lap. She kept her eyes straight ahead for fear that she would glance back and turn around. It wasn’t until she was clear away from the little Tennessee town that she turned on the radio as loud as she could stand it and belted out the words to Taylor Swift’s Teardrops on my guitar. This song that about her. Her best friend, the love of her life was in love with another girl. He knew how much she cared for him and he played on that. It had been four years and as far as she was concerned that was four years too many. She said her peace to him, packed up her things and chose a direction to drive. She would drive until either she ran out of gas or was too tired to drive anymore. She had a full tank of gas as of yet she did not feel tired at all.

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