The Stranger

Running, the woman tore around the corner in the dark parking garage, fumbling with her keys as she ran towards her BMW .”Hey honey, where are you and your pretty face goin? Don’t you wanna play awile?” The taunting threat came around the corner, followed by muffled laughs as the men quickly caught up to her. She shivered unconsciously as she tried desperatly to open a small can of mace from her purse.” Aw honey, come on! We dont need little toys to have fun! How bout a kiss for papa?” The greasy man leaned in and recieved a slap in the face, which he quickly returned. Suddenly, one of the men in the back of the group gasped and dropped to his knees. The leader whirled around quickly as he watched a man clad in a mask quickly dispatched the 3rd member of the group. He lunged clumsily at the stranger with a knife. The new man sidestepped and hit the greaser in the face, hard, dropping him.
The woman felt a great sense of relief as she thanked him, bending down to get her keys. She got up, and the man was gone.

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