Project S

Hoover was a black lab.
X94 -D7 was a programmed nano-bot.
His program?
A disease more contagious than laughter and more deadly than AIDS .
There was no offical name for the disease, but the geiiuses who created it called it “Project S”.
One of the masterminds behind Project S, Dr. Wolfe, went out one day for a stroll in Grand Central Park, he donned a flannel shirt and blue jeans, looking completely non-conspicuous. He even dropped a five in a panhandeler’s guitar case. Rounding a bend he spied Hoover sitting under a shady oak tree. Walking up to Hoover’s not unattractive owner he smiled “What a beautiful dog,” he said kneeling down “Oh! Thank you!” replid the perky brunette. “May i pet her?” Dr. Wolfe asked “Its a he. And of course! Hoover wont bite, will ya Hoov?” she asked, turning to the dog Dr. Wolfe dipped his hand in his back pocket and rubbed behind the dog’s ear. Unknown to the pretty brunette or even Hoover, he had just been infected with the very first case of Project S.

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