Joey and Sparks

Under a full moon, Joey the Super Baby and his canine sidekick Sparks stood together on a skyscraper ledge, surveying the great city spread out before them. Their keen eyes found nothing but scenes of peaceful citizens going about their happy lives.

But then, the preternaturally intelligent Welsh Corgi barked twice, trademark lightning leaping in his eyes. The toddler squealed with delight and the duo dove from their perch to streak across the urban skyline. Scattered car alarms at street level cried out in surprise at the sudden sonic booms.

In seconds, they reached the scene of the crime.

* * *

Officer Jones had just arrived at the convenience store, responding to a report of an attempted robbery. According to dispatch, the store owner had shot out the tall guy’s kneecaps and the shorter one had just pissed himself and fainted. Really, it was all over beyond calling an ambulance and filling out a report.

That was, of course, until Joey and Sparks showed up.

“Jesus fuck,” said the policeman.

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