He knows the truth

Eighteen years had passed but it seemed like only yesterday when my life was turned upside down, inside out and round and round. Yet, I loved Him so much that none of that mattered then or now. And just like Him to know me inside out, He waited till now to when all hope seemed lost to give me the most necessary key to beautiful castle by the sea so to speak. Ahhh yes, the brilliant life changing ability that He has had on me all this time and still the same. He knows, I would jump over the moon at His very word. This woman is in love and He holds my reigns forever in His all powerful hands. Sometimes, I think if He would just go a little deeper inside of me that He might not trust me as much as He does. Then, maybe He would go easier on me if He could just see the true pressure He puts on me. I don’t like the fire of the casting oven that sets the glaze of my life. I cry mercy for then, mercy for now, and mercy for where He wants me to be. I cry MERCY , wait I’m not ready then I remember, He knows the truth

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